Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lamb the Sham?

Wow, what a news day! I woke up to the news that Rex T. was ignominiously defeated by an ape. Then there's Trump's announcement that he's forming a Space Corps so he can emulate Leader Desslok. I need to rush off to bar trivia, so I will give a brief take on the congressional race for Pennsylvania's 18th District, which could end up in a Democratic win in MAGAstan. Even though the district will be dissolved due to redistricting, PACs have dumped over ten million dollars into his opponent's coffers in order to forestall a demoralizing Republican loss... and what an opponent! Rick 'Sack-o-Crap' Saccone has accused Democrats of hating God, Trump, and the US, truly a scoundrel's gambit. Lamb is no liberal lion- he's said stupid things about Nancy Pelosi and he's pretty much cast in the Manchin mode. Still, he's a damn sight better than any Republican out there.

And then there's Trump's involvement, Trump dubbed Conor Lamb 'Lamb the Sham', presumably in order to portray Lamb as a Messican who will bring sharia law to Pennsylvania:

Don't fall for it, Pennsylvania, let's not be L7.


mikey said...

I'm not sure why stating upfront that he would not support the current Democratic Leaderhsip under Nancy Pelosi constitutes a 'stupid' thing.

You can debate it. You can disagree. But no leader is forever, and while I like Ms. Pelosi, I'm not convinced she is the best we can do as we navigate the Trump presidency.

When you look at it, Lamb is pretty much a mainstream Dem - pretty far left of Manchin.

Once again, there are TWO parties. There are 50 states, and 435 congressional districts. If you only run Dennis Kucinich and Jackie Speier, you're not ever going to gain the power to change things...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Lamb is a damn sight better than any Republican, the best we can expect from this particular soon-to-be-dissolved district.

Li'l Innocent said...

I have missed all the recent excitements due to power outage etc. - but am glad the GOP wasted all that $$ on the ephemeral PA seat and lost. After all, it's a district Trumpy won by some 20 pts. Also, the business gave him a chance to give a crowd of misguided citizens a whopping glob of the kind of buffoonery they love from him.

Thanks for Sam the Sham; his art was far too advanced and surreal for Trump to understand. Indeed, I never noticed the silent, haughty women standing motionless among the Pharaohs before. Hattie? Mattie? Isis and Hathor?

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Indeed, I never noticed the silent, haughty women standing motionless among the Pharaohs before. Hattie? Mattie? Isis and Hathor?

That also struck me, they looked severe, though glamorous... totally at odds with the kooky dudes goofing off around them.