Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Somebody Set Us up the Bomb Cyclone

This winter has been pretty brutal already, with a long run of frigid temperatures. Yesterday, with a high of 26F felt positively balmy. Tomorrow, though, we are in for a treat, a storm known colloquially as a 'bomb cyclone', or bombogenesis- which occurs when a maritime storm picks up energy from warm ocean waters and meets up with a frigid Arctic blast moving in from the west. This combination should sound familiar to all inhabitants of the Atlantic littoral.

Here in the NYC metro area, the storm is supposed to slam eastern Long Island with up a foot of snow, snow accumulations in the city are supposed to be up to six inches. The real danger of this storm will be winds gusting up to 55mph. Mayor Bill DeBlasio opted to close the public schools for the day, a course of action which previously would have seemed unthinkable. I chalk it up to his support for working families, it would be cruel to force working mothers to scramble to provide day care on a day when they are struggling to get to work themselves.

In my neck of the woods, we are supposed to receive less snow than the city, but our president made the decision to close the office. I'm on the job already, and am prepared to hunker down for the duration. At any rate, I will probably leave the car in the parking lot and take public transportation home... if I go home.

The post title is taken from this hoary meme culture gem:

I hope I am not on the way to destruction... this isn't my first blizzard though, so my internal voice is saying 'You know you doing.'


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

We are currently looking at an overnight temp of 20 below, and it will get all the way up to -13 tomorrow. (Talking Celsius Blues) Looks like it may get above freezing on Sunday or Monday. I expect that will result in the inevitable snowfall. Sigh. Circle of Weather, I guess. Really fricking hard to deal with; my car won't start, and will have to get it in for some work next week. Probably a new battery, but the alternator is misbehaving as well.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Set us up the bomb, indeed.

You know what they say: Wisconsin; come for the cheese, stay because your car won't start.

Ah well. This year the Streetcar starts rolling, and for the first year rides are free. In recent days, I have stopped driving to work; the new Arena construction took out my parking garage, and the constant construction has erased about 2/3 of the street parking near my office; the remaining surface parking is inconsistently priced and usually overpacked, and street parking is limited to a max of 2 hours so I am mixing it up between busing and ride services, and it ends up being cheaper than paying for parking anyway.