Saturday, January 25, 2020

Year of the Rat, Contemplating the Neighbors

Here's wishing a happy Year of the Rat to my readers. As a resident of the New York metropolitan area, I have a familiarity with rats, which form a sizable portion of the population of the City of York, much like they form a sizable portion of the population of Lankhmar. I even have a coworker whose primary function is to deal with a potential rat menace.

I... uhhhh... I'm not really bothered by rats. There, I said it. While I certainly don't want a rat in mi kitchen, I don't get freaked out seeing them in the subway stations. Rats are a lot like humans, they are smart, gregarious, and have a knack for adaptability. Maybe that's why a lot of people hate them so much... well, that and the fact that they carry a lot of pathogens (just like humans). I can't be alone in having an indulgent streak towards these furry opportunists, some of which have attained local celebrity status:

At least that rat knows how to eat pizza in a civilized fashion, unlike this guy:

Again, rats are a lot like us, they even thrive because of our bad habits. When we waste excessive food, and produce excessive garbage, they gain by these peccadillos. According to the Chinese zodiac, rats are frugal, and they benefit from human prodigality. Sure, even I sometimes slip and use the term rat pejoratively, but the rat does have some admirable qualities, just like we humans do.

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