Saturday, January 4, 2020

Locker Room Talk: This BS Again

Today was a day, I worked the graveyard shift, returned home for a quick shower, then headed down to Manhattan for my volunteer coaching gig... I really should just install a revolving door in the apartment. When I got to the dojo, the general conversation was, “Happy New Year, can you believe we in another war?” I’ve known most of the other coaches for a l-o-n-g time, and we spent a lot of time between classes talking politics and policy. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, I went with Frenchy (who is Italian) to the three-story pile of burning rubble in which we had lost friends. Confronted with that horror, we were dismayed when the narrative shifted to Iraq, and we realized that our government would be visiting horror on innocent Iraqis, while letting the true powers behind the attacks go scot-free.

It was with a gross feeling of deja vu that we asked each other, “Can you believe this shit is happening again?” All those conversations, sitting on the tatamis, came back to mind, the discussions about the lack of strategy, the propaganda campaign, the risks posed to our Muslim friends. “Can you believe this shit?” All over again...

I didn’t notice an expanded police presence on streets or subway, but I’ve read that it’s out there. I was too beat to notice much, too tired from an overnight shift and four hours of classes, too preoccupied with the impending shitstorm. Right now, I’ve just gotten up to get ready to work the graveyard shift again. I’m sure I’ll be preoccupied with the impending shitstorm to contemplate much. It’s the Bad Old Days of the aughts all over again, at least I have good people to discuss it with, this is the kind of locker room talk that non-assholes engage in.

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