Thursday, January 23, 2020

This Is Why I Don't Describe Myself as a Gamer

One of my guilty online pleasures is checking out the Cursed Conspiraboomer Images Twitter account, which posts bizarre memes from the various conspiracy communities online. If you want to see Flat Earthers 'owning' the normies or badly rendered photoshops depicting Michelle Obama as assigned-male-at-birth, this is the place to go. Recently, the genius responsible for this Twitter account found a bizarre game designed by Flat Earthers, which pits a Flat Earth penguin mascot against (oddly enough) the cartoon frog so loved by the 'ironic Neo-Nazi' set (I thought these two groups were simpatico):

It's a crude game, to be sure, and it makes little sense, but there's something oddly compelling about it in very small doses. It's as if 'Donkey Kong' had been made by barking lunatics... and, no, there was no way I was entering my name in one of the 'High Score' slots. I still haven't exactly figured out what I'm supposed to do, but the game is primitive enough so that it practically plays itself.

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