Wednesday, January 15, 2020

There Is no Doctor Jekyll

It's a strange case, that of Mr Hyde, but there's no good counterpart, no Dr Jekyll to balance out the sinister Robert F. Hyde, Trump donor and Connecticut congressional candidate. Hyde's communications with Ukrainian 'operative' Lev Parnas regarding ambassador Yovanovitch have a sort of 'turbulent priest' quality:

Confronted by the Daily Beast about his activities in Ukraine, Hyde responded with an insult of Representative Adam Schiff. Hyde is apparently a QAnon conspiracy loon, making reference to an evidence-free accusation that Schiff committed vague atrocities in the basement of the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles:

This is the sort of lunacy typically peddled by whackjobs like Liz Crokin. Hyde has become is so toxic that the chairman of the Connecticut GOP has asked him to drop his congressional bid:

Mr Romano fails to realize that Hyde perfectly embodies what his party has become, a morass of corruption, conspiracy nuttery, and threats of violence against political opponents. The Connecticut GOP is moribund, and Hyde probably hasn't got a chance in hell to win, so at this point, Romano might just want to make sure that he still gets invited to parties by nice people... can't have a deplorable making the country club set nervous. I doubt that anybody online is going to let him unfasten Hyde from around his neck.


Vixen Strangely said...

Skimming the messages from Hyde and Giuliani make me feel a bout of amateur psychologist come on--the group seems to have bouts of paranoia, nastiness, and weird decision-making. I take to heart Lev Parnas' note that Hyde never seemed not drunk. Giuliani has come across as worse for wear in interviews as well. But projection (seeing the Deep State as conspiring against them while being part of a conspiracy) and toxic masculinity (I don't feel any shock that particular venom was held for the female ambassador) are apparently also very deranging intoxications.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I think the problem with these guys is that they think they are living out a Scorcese movie.

emjayay said...

As has been widely pointed out, Trump does actually think and act like a mafia don. We are all now in a Scorcese movie.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking back about the attempted break-in at Elijah Cummings' home, and how that incident fits the style of this bunch of wiseguys.