Sunday, January 26, 2020

Current Earworm: A Perfect Accompaniment to my Commute

I listen to a lot of college radio, the non-commercial stations play a better range of music than commercial stations, and the exposure to new artists is unexcelled. My current earworm is by The Gonks, a San Francisco band I'd never heard of. I'm a Lonely Night Driver is a lo-fi marvel, the spare indie instrumentation highlighting the sweetness of the lead vocal:

I'm a Lonely Night Driver comes across to me as a plaintive indie rock counterpoint to the hard rock swagger of that other 'lonely night driver' anthem, Radar Love. As someone who will be heading out on the road in about half an hour to work the graveyard shift, I have to say that I prefer lonely night drives to daytime drives in traffic, no matter how swaggering the soundtrack is.

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