Thursday, January 30, 2020

They Call the Wind Antifa

Today, in Tales of the New West, we have to sorry story, via Tengrain, of a not-quite-gale-force-wind blowing down a section of Vulgarmort's Wall. A thirty-seven mph wind was sufficient to huff and puff and blow down the big bad moron's personal monument to racism. Personally, like Barack Hussein Obama, I believe that Trump is probably a fascist, and is at best fashcurious... the fact that winds blew it down suggests that Nature itself is antifascist, so may as well call the wind Antifa, a reference to the signature song from the musical Paint Your Wagon, which has passed into the status of a standard:

Even joking, the Smothers Brothers had a better grasp of windmills than Trump does. My introduction to the song was the Kingston Trio's rendition from the indispensible ...from the "Hungry i" album:

Getting back to the wall, it seems to be a shoddy piece of work, like most of Trump's gaudy death traps. I would love to know how many millions of taxpayer dollars went to which well-connected fly-by-night contractors, and what kind of kickbacks Trump was getting. The guy may be racist, but his greed exceeds even his hate.

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