Monday, January 20, 2020

Relief in Richmond

I worked the graveyard shift this morning, so when I returned home, I basically hunkered down- no need to leave the house again on such a chilly day. I couldn't immediately get to sleep, though, being concerned about the big gun rally in Richmond, VA. Besides the gross optics of a gun rally being held on MLK day, the rally itself was inspired by a hoax promulgated by white nationalists. Neo-Nazi shitposters mused about the possibility of a race war being ignited at the rally, and governor Northam declared a state of emergency.

I spent altogether too much time checking the twitter feeds of intrepid journalists and activists at the scene of the rally. For the most part, it looked like a cosplay convention of anxious middle-aged white guys trying to look badass by bedizening themselves with 'tacticool' gear. There were some 4Chan chuds trying to 'trigger the normies' with their possibly-ironic Naziesque imagery... protip, this shit is too cryptic for people who aren't online too much.

I'm relieved that things transpired without any violence, though there was the grotesque spectacle of a leftist woman getting arrested for wearing a mask while plenty of gun-lovers went masked without repercussions. Thankfully, law enforcement picked up a bunch of white supremacist terrorists before they could attend the rally, so it was a farce, not a tragedy.

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