Sunday, January 5, 2020

Strong Taliban/ISIS Vibes Here

Looks like the current occupant of the White House has issued a threat much like 'one false move and this shrine gets it':

This threat of targeting cultural sites amounts to a war crime if followed through on. It is also the same sort of nihilistic destruction that the Taliban and ISIS have engaged in. Trump has a history of destroying culturally significant structures- when he built his, as Tengrain would put it, Trash Palace on 5th Avenue, he reneged on a promise to preserve the Art Deco friezes that decorated the Bonwit Teller building which he demolished. While the Taliban and ISIS destroyed art treasures that didn't conform to their definition of Islam, Trump's destruction was in service of his god, Mammon. In an especially gross corollary to this story, Trump used his 'John Baron' alter-ego in an attempt to divert public wrath:

Trump values nothing besides the Almighty Dollar, not centuries old mosques in Iran, not decades old friezes in Manhattan, not even the blood of children, American or Iranian.

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