Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pinning Their Hopes on a Wiener

When I first read that Anthony Wiener's laptop (UGH!) was at the center of the new Clinton e-mail 'scandal', my first reaction was a sincere hope that the d-bag gets hit by a very small meteor. I think Wiener and his wiener have had enough coverage to last us all a lifetime. Seriously, the guy needs to just fade into obscurity, and take his wiener with him.

My second thought was, "Those Republicans are trying once again to bring down a Clinton presidency by pinning their hopes on a penis." Alas, Wiener's wiener just doesn't have the impact of the mighty Clenis. If the Clenis couldn't knock the Big Dog down a peg, how is the wiener going to knock his wife out of the presidential campaign?

The Republicans really should stop with their obsession with penes, even though their most powerful recent public figure was a dick... once again, they will only be let down.


Unknown said...

It's an interesting situation when serial sex scandal guys like Rudy Guiliani, Donald Trump, and Newt Gingrich want us to hold Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner's sex scandals against Hillary Clinton.

The first 5 names I typed here should give anybody some good reasons to vote for a woman this time out.

mikey said...

As the well known political observer Archers of Loaf told us:

"You're not the one who let me down
But thanks for offering..."