Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Aero/Astro Pioneers Day

 Today, for me, is all about aeronautical/astronautical pioneers...  First up, we have the sad news of the passing of Chuck Yeager, the first human being to break the sound barrier in 1947.  Chuck lived to the age of 97, a testimony to his skill as a pilot who was often strapped into experimental aircraft such as the Bell X-1 which literally rocketed him into the history books.

On a happier note, tonight my great and good friends at the Secret Science Club will be hosting a Zoom lecture with Dr Kathryn Sullivan, astronaut (first woman to walk in space), author, former head of NOAA, and geologist/oceanographer.  This marks a triumphant return to the SSC for Dr Sullivan, who delivered a fantastic lecture for the Secret Science Club North just over a year ago.  That lecture was broadcast on C-Span's Book TV.  The opening of Dr Sullivan's lecture was straight out of a techno-thriller, involving a possible fuel leak due to a valve failure.  It was a great moment of tension to draw us in before moving on to the meat of the lecture.  Definitely watch this, and if you can get a message to the SSC, see if they can get you in on tonight's Zoom.

This is the best way to pay respect to our aero/astro heroes, past and present.

CORRECTION: The Secret Science Club Zoom lecture is to take place tomorrow night.  If you're interested, contact them via their blog.

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