Friday, December 4, 2020

Their Witnesses Are a Rogues Gallery

 Yesterday, I wrote a post about how the freelance lawyers/grifters bringing suit on behalf of the Trump campaign have been splitting the Republican party.  I figured that I would put up a post about the off the wall 'witnesses' that have been brought to court to plead their case for Trump's victory.

First off, we have the racist lady who speculates about what might happen if some 'Chow' shows up to vote without identification:

Yeah, that really turned out well... I even learned a new racial slur from a woman of color! 

Next up, we have a seemingly drunk woman in Michigan, who claimed to be an IT contractor for Dominion voting systems, ranting about poll books to a Republican state representative:

As added bonuses, she turns out to have a profile page on a website for actors and models... she deserves an Emmy for this particular performance. The crowning glory, besides her mop of hair, is the fact that she is on probation for committing computer crime

Then we have the truck driver who claimed that he was tasked with shipping fraudulent ballots from New York to Pennsylvania... and claims that his family is haunted by shadowy supernatural presences:

Dude's living in an A. Merritt novel, albeit a stupid one.  Shadow people, shadow ballots... he seems credible.

Thankfully, everyone involved in Trump's attempt to call a mulligan on the election is an idiot, from Trump on down.  Marx famously said that history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.  Right now, we are witnessing history as tragedy AND farce.  We're still not out of the weeds as a nation, there's always the possibility of violent response to Trump finally losing power, but somehow even that violence will be farcical.


Richard said...

I live with people like this. They love this nonsense. They are sticking it to the man. They are making the liberals cry again. Here we are using up our emergency supplies and this stupid drunken puta is sitting in 1000 dollar chair doing this.? Pardon my language. That is a puta. It doesn't translate very well.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Pardon my language. That is a puta. It doesn't translate very well.

Yo puedo hablar espa├▒ol, conozco esta palabra.