Monday, December 14, 2020

Joe Biden Wins Again

 Back in 2016. at a political rally in Albany, NY, Trump told his audience that they would be tired of winning.  I guess this now applies to Joe Biden, who just won the Electoral College vote as well as the popular vote.

In a bizarre attempt to muddy the waters politically, Republican electors in Wisconsin and Michigan met to hold a 'parallel universe' electoral vote in Trump's favor.  The video of the 'GOP electors' trying to get into the Michigan capitol is particularly pathetic:

 I can't even imagine how the media would have responded if Democrats had tried to pull a stunt like this back in 2016.  The next Republican attempt to interfere with the election will take place on January 6, when at least one GOP congresscreep will try to mess up the congressional certification of the vote.  I'm looking forward to seeing Trump lose the election yet another time.  A less narcissistic person would just put on a Smiths record and move on after a short mope.


StringOnAStick said...

Reality: not something they've spent a lot of time investigating since they drank the koolaide/joined the cult. Strange times.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Yeah, they really have left the world behind.