Saturday, December 12, 2020

MAGA Mulligan March

 The MAGA morons are at it again, having thrown another rally in DC, an act of denial to help them cope with the fact that their Orange Savior has lost the 2020 election multiple times.  For news of the day's events, I checked DC based 'Daily Beast' reporter Will Sommer's Twitter feed.  Independent journalists Ford Fischer and Brendan Gutenschwager have also documented the day's events, and the chaotic situation which is following.  Activist Molly Conger has also posting a running summary of the day's events.  Journalist Chuck Modi has provided more 'on the ground' coverage, including a brief interview with a young Black Lives Matter activist who has perfectly summed up the thesis of working-class white supremacy:

Nailed it! Your relative lack of melanin is not an accomplishment. 

The rally itself seemed to be a surreal mixture of prayer meeting and putsch, and featured some young neo-nazis calling for the destruction of the Republican Party.  On an unsettling note, Trump did meet with one of the Proud Boys leaders  in the White House.   

The rally itself just seemed sad, a couple of thousand dead-enders unable to process the fact that Trump was soundly beaten.  In the end, the rally just fizzled out as lunatic Alex Jones exhorted the crowd to throw a street party (with no preparation, no pre-bought refreshments, and no entertainment) outside a Marriott hotel:

Of course, it is in the aftermath of events like this that things become fraught, as drunk, angry right-wingers prowl a city looking for fights.  It looks like brawls have broken out throughout downtown, and there's a real danger to persons traveling alone or in small groups.

The whole situation is severely messed up, and this shitshow is sure to be a COVID superspreader event.  I sure hope it's the last gasp of the organized Right, one last mass rally before the inauguration of Joe Biden.  The weather will be getting more inclement, the holiday season is upon us, the pandemic still rages unchecked... let's hope that this is the event which destroys their momentum, but first, the people of DC will have to get through it.

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