Friday, December 18, 2020

Silly Libs, It's Just a Little Vigorish

The genius of Republican ideology is that, working under the premise that government is the problem, Republicans can govern in a corrupt and incompetent fashion and prove that premise correct.  CHECK AND MATE, LIBS!!!!

The revelation that Trump family insiders formed a shell corporation that looted about half of the 2020 Trump campaign coffers is a prime example of the Republican proclivity to loot... thankfully, only the funds of donors were stolen in this case (this is not to say that Trump insiders didn't line their pockets with taxpayer dollars).  The prolonged denial of the November election results keeps the grift going, as Trump has funneled approximately sixty million dollars of post-election donations into a poorly regulated Political Action Committee.  That vaunted Kraken has been dipping its tentacles in the pockets of Trump dead-enders.

Trump has long been known to have ties with organized crime,  so he's got to be familiar with the concept of vigorish... it's no surprise he liked to wet his beak in everything.  Those shell companies?  The fact that seventy-five percent of donations goes to Trump's organization?  That's just the vigorish, libs!

Brad Parscale's big sin was stealing millions of dollars from the campaign without being a family insider.  How dare a commoner dip into the till?  Also, he didn't steal enough... only a piker would be content to steal forty million when there was over a billion dollars to be had.  No Trump would have settled for such small potatoes.


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