Wednesday, December 16, 2020

First Winter Storm of the Season

The big local story here in the NYC metro area is the arrival of a major winter storm which is forecast to dump about a foot (30.48 centimeters) of snow on terra firma.  The winds are supposed to reach gale force (50mph/80.46kph).  Suffice it to say, the roadways are going to be a mess.

The gentleman who is typically scheduled to work the 5PM-9PM shift told me yesterday that he has been tasked to stay overnight at his other job, the one which actually pays his bills.  Accordingly, I have arrived early and, like him, plan on camping out overnight.  I'd rather have my car safely parked in a lot than on the street, and sheltering in place makes a lot more sense than trusting myself to the tender mercies of the roadways.  I anticipate having to work the afternoon shift tomorrow as well, so I made sure that I am well-provisioned.

I made sure to stop by a couple of local grocery stores on my way to work- the first being a major supermarket and the second being a mom-and-pop produce market that has amazing prices on fruits and vegetables.  I decided that the best way to fortify myself for a long haul in wintry conditions would be to make a pot of bigos, which is the sort of dish which lends itself to overnight cooking.

Here's hoping that it will be an uneventful night, just the cat and I hanging out by the radiator while the snow quietly blankets the landscape. This being 2020, though, I am prepared for just about any contingency.


Richard said...

I enjoyed reading about Bigos. My mom would have put a lot of paprika and called it "goulash". No reason to brave the dangerous conditions in a storm. Where i live 2 or 3 inches is called a snow so be careful. Hello to the cat.

Anathema Device said...

Stay safe

Ali Redford said...

Bigos sounds amazing, and now is on my to-be-made list; thank you! Meanwhile, I hope all is well, you and Ginger remain cozy, and that your day is uneventful. Well, maybe some peaceful, cool natural happening like what you frequently post, but nothing unsettling or uncomfortable.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Hey, everybody, bigos was a big success. I spent a cozy night, the cat pretty much parked herself on a radiator cover while I kept the little hotplate going for much of the night. She didn't join me for an inspection tour of the site, though. Smart girl.