Monday, December 1, 2014

Five Years of Bastardy

Five years ago, I started this blog with a somewhat unauspicious post, figuring that the hardest part of blogging was starting the whole endeavor. Ultimately, the inspiration for this blog was the Sadly, No! community, both headliners and commentariat. The immediate inspiration for the blog came from Thunder, zrm, Substance McGravitas, M. Bouffant and the antipodean genii at "Riddled"- I needed a Blogger profile to post comments at their blogs, and their blogs were so entertaining that I just had to join in on the fun.

Regarding the 'nym... I've always considered it a tongue-in-cheek jab at "machismo", which I consider a "toxic cult of failed masculinity". That being said, the "Big Bad Bald Bastard" is a character that mild-mannered Mr _________ of the City of Y______ can readily slip into when it is to his advantage- I admit that I can be somewhat fierce on those rare occasions on which fierceness is called for. I chalk a lot of the "Bastard" character's traits, and my traits which I exaggerate when I have to be the Bastard, to the tutelage of this departed gentleman. Regarding the "Bad", I've always meant that in the non-pejorative slang sense... I am a generally law-abiding, responsible individual. For the record, my parents were married when my four siblings and I were born, so the "Bastard" is a self-deprecating bit of slang. Also, I'm a sucker for alliteration, being a fan of Old Norse Poetry.

Early on, most of my posts were short, pithy bits of snark, written to amuse me on the cold nights after the jobsite had closed to the public for the winter months. I had a lot of quiet solitude on the job to crank out short posts that were mainly personal observations of little consequence.

Soon after starting the blog, I put up my first short "political" piece, but I really didn't realize the potential of blogging until I put up my first (woefully skimpy- I've since taken to bringing a memo pad to lectures) recap of a Secret Science Club lecture. The lecture recaps quickly became a regular feature of my blog and the recaps actually became kinda good sometime in 2010. Besides the SSC recaps, I also had the privilege of writing up a recap of a lecture by Ned.

Speaking of Ned, I had the pleasure of meeting him in person back in ought-nine and we get together every so often, but not often enough. I have also had the honor of hanging out with Substance McGravitas, Actor212, Major Kong (who I took to my workplace on one occasion), and Thunder (who let me hang out on his famous deck).

In 2011, I finally realized that the second biggest reason for the internet is posting cat pictures, so I got smart and started regularly featuring my co-workers Fred and Ginger, who I met shortly before starting this blog. I also posted about our dear, departed Moses, but I didn't post more about him because he had a higher profile than Fred and Ginger, and I'm leery about revealing too much about the job.

Perhaps my single most unusual blogging achievement was my 24 Posts in 24 Hours stint, which took place on Sunday, June 19, 2011, when I was working a split double shift (midnight to 8AM, 4PM to midnight). This day also saw the birth of Objectivist Morrissey, who desparately needs a revival. Thunder, being a trouper, commented on each and every one of those posts. Maybe my single greatest blogging achievement was my recap of the post-Sandy Secret Science Club lecture- that lecture had scientific, political, and social pertinence. Another big achievement, in 2012, was being invited to join the snarky geniuses at Rumproast (I'm overdue for a post there). Also in 2012, I began to get some serious linky love from all-around great and good guy Tengrain, who recently put up a post similar to this one.

If I were asked about any regrets I might have had in the course of my blogging career, I'd have to say that my only big regret is not starting this blog in time to cover the entire run of Secret Science Club lectures. One minor regret is neglecting to label any of my posts, but that's a minor thing.

Over the course of my five years of blogging, my blogroll has expanded to seventy-seven blogs owned by diverse people from all over the planet. I am very proud of everyone in the "bloggerhood" and I love you all. Thanks for all of the support you've given me over my five years of bastardy. Writing this blog has always been a great pleasure, in large part because of you. I am looking forward to the next five years with you. Thank you for everything!


Jim H. said...

Kudos B^4 x 5!!11!!!!

Keep it up!

Smut Clyde said...

Happy Blogday!

M. Bouffant said...

Five yrs. pass like nothing, don't they?

And that five yrs. in the trenches gets you wood (trad) or silverware (modern). It's in the mail.

Speaking of inspiration (Merci bien, but "Don't Blame It On I"), where's that McG character been?

Also inspirationally, thank you for your support over these long long yrs., y'old bastard.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


By the way, I picked some sumac clusters today. Then I read the directions. DOH! You're supposed to do it before the berries dry out.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Kudos B^4 x 5!!11!!!!


Happy Blogday!

Thanks, old chum! Couldn't have done it without you.

Speaking of inspiration (Merci bien, but "Don't Blame It On I"), where's that McG character been?

He's been on hiatus. I owe him an e-mail. Thanks and you're welcome. It's a lovey-dovey fest here.

By the way, I picked some sumac clusters today. Then I read the directions. DOH! You're supposed to do it before the berries dry out.

Thanks, you've been unfailingly supportive. Sheesh, you even commented on every single one of the "24 Posts in 24 Hours" posts. I don't think the sumac will be bad- you dry it out anyway if you want to use it as a spice rub.

Tengrain said...

Always a day late to the party... I'll help myself to whatever's in the fridge...

I think Thunder might have introduced us, I'm not entirely sure, but rest assured: your writing speaks for itself, and linking to you, B-4, is always a pleasure.



Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Thanks for all you do, TG!