Friday, June 28, 2019

Eldritch Night of Music, Year of Eldritch Music

Uncharacteristically, I had to do quite a bit of driving for work tonight... I put nearly thirty miles on the odometer because I had to check multiple worksites. While driving from site to site, I caught the local commercial radio station's fantastic 10 at 10 (Ten Great Songs from One Great Year) feature- tonight's year was 1974, and the music featured had a decidedly outré, even eldritch bent, just the sort of music one wants to hear while driving on lonely roads at night.

How about Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells to put you in an absolutely not-creeped-out mood?

A little later on, Blue Öyster Cult's album version of Astronomy was featured. Good thing that light never warms, it's been hot and muggy all day... but only eldritch for the last hour or so.

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