Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Annoyance Day

There’s a local primary election today, and my workplace is a polling site. I had to arrive at 5AM to open up the building for the poll workers. For some reason, they have been super annoying today. At one point, they asked me for an extension cord for an optical scanner, and I told them that I didn’t have one, so they would have to move the machine. One of them had the nerve to tell me, “You’re unprepared.” I told her, “I’m not with the Board of Elections, this has nothing to do with me.”

A half hour later, another one asked me if I had a roll of duct tape, and I told him no. He said, “You’re unprepared.” Hearing this a second time, I shot him a dagger-glance and hissed, “My job was to open the doors, turn off the alarms, and turn on the lights. My job is pretty much done. YOU are the one who’s unprepared.” He scooted away pretty quickly, which was good, because I was tempted to add, “I’m still here to make sure you don’t steal anything from the gift shop.”

At another point, one of them couldn’t get a backup scanner (Plan B) to turn on. She asked me if the outlet was good, and I pointed out that the power strip on light was lit. I suggested that she call the Board to see if they could determine the problem. It’s after ten AM, and nothing has been resolved.

A couple of them asked me for the company WiFi password and I told them that the guest WiFi comes online after 9AM.

Even the voters are annoying today. Our retail staff is in Manhattan for a trade show, so nobody is here to work the shop. I put stanchions up to block access. One ninny walked in from the rain and placed her umbrella on the floor on the verboten side of the stanchions. Again, I gritted my teeth and barked, “Don’t put your wet umbrella by our merchandise.” What kind of asshole thinks that’s acceptable?

I’m here until 2PM, when my sarcastic colleague takes over. I’m usually patient, but today has been a string of annoyances- I’m going to warn him about what to expect. Then, I’m going to grab a couple of well-earned beers.

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Buttermilk Sky said...

This is the only place in the "developed" world where elections are in the hands of amateurs and idiots. I can't decide if this is by design or not, but it predates the current Republican obsession with keeping as many people from the polls as possible. The world's real democracies can't believe how inept we are, and why most people aren't even aware of the incompetence. As for the 18th century anachronism the Electoral College, don't even get me started.