Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Women Were the Wave

Last year, the Women's March in January was the real kickoff of the resistance to Donald Trump's Reign of Terror and Error. I noted a sign which read 'Women Are the Wall and Trump Will Pay for It'. This year, in the successful Democratic effort to retake the House of Representatives, women were the wave, with thirty-one women newly elected to join sixty-five incumbent women. Among the women who won, two are Native Americans, two are Muslims, three of the newly elected women are veterans.

The Dotard seems to be feeling the pressure of losing the house- with the Democrats in the House regaining subpoena power, he's lashing out at them. Personally, I am looking forward to the distinct possibility that, as loathsome Steve Bannon predicted, investigators will 'crack Don Jr like an egg'. Even though the prospect of a successful impeachment of Vulgarmort is slim due to Republican control of the Senate, I think that seeing his children dragged in front of congressional committees to testify about their malfeasance will be enough to drive that old creep around the bend. That being said, there's always the possibility that there might be Republican senators who, out of a distaste for 'the Donald' might just stand up to Trump... though I'm not holding my breath, I do enjoy this frisson of Schadenfreude, especially since the torment that Trump will feel will have started with him being beaten by 'girls'.

Oh, and here's a special thank you to the women of color who braved voter intimidation, voter suppression, and other dirty GOP tricks meant to prevent this wave election. You are truly the heroes that the United States needed in these perilous times.


Al said...

Did you see that ghastly speech by Nancy Pelosie. What a horror. And she's going to be speaker of the house. Yay for pre-existing conditions? WTF! Not one word about stopping the endless wars the US is involved in or ending the war on the poor and marginalized. This what voting for the lesser of two evils has brought us to. This election was a about a false duality and I already regret voting. Democrats are now the moderate wing of the Republican party. And the Republican party is now a cult whose leader is a bloated, narcissistic real estate con man.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

Al, I'm reminded of an old joke - two neighbors meet in a public place, chat a bit, and one asks the other, "How's your spouse?" The reply: "Compared to what?"

You may find yourself simpatico with the views of Chris Hedges - see

Like the metaphor of the dining plan at the Catskills resort hotel - not very good food, and such small portions, too! - the political life of the nation, like each individual's personal life, tends toward unsatisfactoriness

You could look at Culadasa's book 'The mind illuminated' - some people like it