Saturday, November 17, 2018

The One, No Longer the One

For the past quarter century, I have lived by one axiom- if you are going to the west side of Manhattan, park near 238th St and Broadway in the Bronx and take the One Train downtown. Lately, though, I have realized that the One is not the one, the love affair is over. Due to a lot of construction in the area, and a larger population (I suspect that a lot of single family homes in the area have been converted into two-family units), parking is harder to come by. More cogently, the 238th St station is under renovation- the rusting stairways to the elevated platform are being replaced, and general improvements are being made.

Starting last week, I traveled to my Saturday morning coaching gig on the Four Train. Parking is easy to come by, as the stretch of Jerome Avenue north of the Woodlawn terminus is sandwiched between Van Cortlandt Park and Woodlawn Cemetery. In a pinch, I can walk two blocks to the northernmost stop of the BX34 Bus and take it to the Woodlawn terminus. Sure, there are downsides- I HATE the 59th St station on the Lexington Avenue line, with its multiple levels and interminable escalators, but traveling by the One Train has just become untenable.

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