Friday, April 15, 2022

Paying My Dues for Living in a Society

Although this year's tax deadline is 4/18, today marks the traditional tax deadline that looms in the public consciousness.  As is typical, I make no complaints about paying taxes- the roads I use are paved, the water I drink is potable (for now), and the refuse I leave behind is picked up... ever since my first paycheck, I've looked upon paying taxes as the dues I pay for living in a somewhat functional society. 

Not all Americans feel that way, and those who seek to reduce the financial constraints on the already wealthy also want to remove the regulatory constraints on them... even going so far as removing states' abilities to set clean water standards.  The conservative judges (can't call them 'justices') on the Supreme Court believe in clean water, they just don't believe in affordable clean water.  I'm sure that the individuals they want to reduce taxes on will be able to buy all the clean water they want.

Me?  I believe in the common good, for the common people.  I pay my taxes into the common fund... that's just common sense.


Anonymous said...

It easiest to pay my taxes with sales tax. Back in the old days, we used to pay into social security and Medicare. About 20% of my wages.
I was ok with that, because i knew i would be needing it.
I am not sorry about this decision. We already knew that we were going to get old.
Property tax is a Republican idea. My mom used to hate that. But she turned Republican anyway.
I can't even tell how difficult this is. She went full on trumper before she died.

The Sophist said...

I've always been proud and thankful to pay my CA state taxes: especially during the pandemic when I saw what they were buying, hooboy! And typically I felt the same
way about my Federal taxes. But during 2016-2020, I was .... bitter about them ...
it felt like I was subsidizing our oppression. Now that we have competent and patriotic government again, it's back to feeling as you do, about my federal taxes, too.