Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Gonna Call This One Early

2022 is not even one-third over, but I am going to make the call for best record release of the year.  Last year, I was taken with a song I declared the weird hit of the summer, Chaise Longue by Isle of Wight songstress/comediennes Wet Leg.  The band has been releasing singles on a regular basis and finally released their debut album, which is all-killer-no-filler.  Each of the tracks sound distinct, but all of them are unmistakably Wet Leg... the band's blend of off-kilt humor, low-key salaciousness, and guitar-shredding musicality are apparent in each release.  Their videos are also of-a-piece, with visual callbacks to prior releases.

I figure I should post videos for their last two releases, so you can compare and contrast them with last year's raucous breakout.  Here's the gorgeous Angelica, with its beautiful, layered vocal harmonies and dream-pop sound punctuated by aggressive guitar bursts:


Here's the droll UR Mom, which calls out PUA/negging BS in hilarious fashion.  It's here where I note that the 'Scotty and the Soft Boys' reference is probably a shoutout to Isle of Wight resident Robyn Hitchcock's first band.  I can imagine Rhian and Hester jamming out with Uncle Robyn, weaving together hilarious, surreal material.  The song is a classic putdown, but the video has a happy, timely ending:

For a good taste of the band's range, musicality, and sheer joie d'vivre, here's a live performance by Wet Leg... BLAST IT!


I know April isn't even over, but I'm calling this one.  There's no way that a better album than Wet Leg by Wet Leg is getting released this year... or perhaps any year.

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Anonymous said...

Had to comment because there wasn't one; YEAH! I'm enjoying the heck out of Wet Leg, been digging them since your previous post, thanks!