Friday, August 13, 2021

The Once and Future Dumbass

This being August 13, today is the day when the Pillow Guy predicted the reinstatement of Trump as PotUS.  Lindell's big mistake was naming a specific date for this occurrence, it's always helpful to remain vague when one engages in prophecy.  The election wasn't 'pulled down', the Maricopa County election audit has been a sham since day one, the 'Cyber Symposium' was a farce, and there is no constitutional model for overturning elections, especially when there is no evidence of chicanery.

In the MAGA mind, Trump now occupies the same legendary status as King Arthur, only stupid... he's the Once and Future Dumbass who will swoop back into power to Make America Great Again in her hour of greatest need, even though, in actuality, he totally fucked up when American was at her hour of greatest need (for an entire year), with a goddamn plague ravaging the land, killing over a half-million Americans.  Some of Trump's dead-enders plan on returning to the Capitol in September for a pro-Trump, pro-insurrectionist rally.

Legends are legends, though, and I don't make the rules.  There are plenty of figures of myth and legend who are supposed to have a triumphant return, even though there's really no need for great men.  Hell, even if Arthur were a real historical figure, he probably wasn't so great... I mean, he certainly was no Macbeth.  I doubt any of these 'someday to return' heroes are any great shakes, with Former Guy being extra odious.

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