Thursday, August 26, 2021

Horse Paste is Magic

 Via Wonkette's Robyn Pennachia, we have STOP READING THIS POST NOW IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH, OR SQUAMOUS the tale of a Facebook ivermectin discussion page which is, frankly, both disgusting and disquieting.  If you've never heard of 'rope worms', you are in for an unpleasant surprise:

Put succinctly, these people are experiencing the sloughing off of damaged intestinal epithelial cells, and interpreting the grisly results as 'worms' expelled from the fundament.  As the thread continues, some old friends pop up, writers of prescriptions filled by a sketchy online pharmacy.

I had actually heard of the whole 'rope worms' thing years ago, in the context of THIS WILL MAKE YOU FEEL STABBY asshole parents who gave their children bleach enemas in order to kill 'autism-causing parasites' that breed during the full and new moon.  The resultant intestinal damage was interpreted as expelled parasites, the 'rope worms'.   Snake oil salespersons are obsessed with the idea that diseases are caused by parasites, even though some research suggests that a lack of parasites might be implicated in autoimmune syndromes.  It's safe to say, though, that parasitic worms cause neither autism nor COVID.

Ingesting horse dewormer does, however, cause unpleasant effects (MAKE AMERICA SHIT AGAIN).  Every time I feel sorry for these idiots, though, one of them shakes me out of any feeling of empathy:

Seriously, these people are getting what they deserve, and if they are harming their children with veterinary medicines, I hope they face the full wrath of the justice system, with especially harsh sentences given out to the grifters who are making bank off of the gullible. 

The post title is based off of a particular mental tic of mine... as a kid, I played enough Dungeons and Dragons that I can claim High Gygaxian as a second language, so every time I see the word 'dewormer' in print, for a second I read it as 'dweomer'.  Horse paste is magical, it makes your guts disappear.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

NBC's Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny had a great article about this.