Monday, August 2, 2021


Via Wonkette, we have the tale of Unjected, a dating app to match unvaccinated persons with each other for romanting liaisons and contagion.  The dating app was removed from the Apple store because it spread disinformation, a tragic development for undateable Trumpsters.

I find it odd that there would be a dating app which is pro-contagion, though most dating apps aren't exactly doing great fighting STDs.  Unjected comes across as more of an adult pox party than a... uhhhh... shot at a genuine love match.  With COVID-19 being a dangerous disease, killing some, but also posing a risk of impotence, Unjected poses an evolutionary threat to its users, who stand a risk of dying or being unable to pass on their genes.  It should be called Darwindate where you can select partners, because Nature won't.

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