Sunday, August 1, 2021

End Times Believer Seeks Long Term Position

 I have predicted that the 2022 GOP primaries are going to be a shitsow, with QAnon whackos running against 'insufficiently conservative' Tea Party Republicans.  Via Wonkette's Robyn Pennachia, we have the news that the big-haired wine mom made famous by claiming that Biden could not have won Michigan is now running for Congress, and boy, she does not disappoint:

If we're in the End Times, why would she seek a two-year assignment? I almost suspect this is a scam to fleece the rubes out of campign donations... especially given the fact that she doesn't live in the district, one which may be lost to redistricting post 2020 census. The entire Republican Party has degenerated into a scam.

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Vixen Strangely said...

One of the funniest things about Mellissa Carone is she's an actress: Just like Scott Pressler, The right wing movement that regularized the concepts of false flags and crisis actors has actual actors recruited to lead movements or be witnesses to stupid nonevents, or, like Lauren Boebert, even run for actual office. So who knows if she even believes what is coming out of her mouth--it could entirely be just a bit. I don't necessarily think people like Charlie Kirk or Candace Owens believe the things they say, they just realize they can get compensated to say them and actual working for a living is hard. Or, like, Tim Pool. They are basically dicks for clicks. Absolutely cynical soulless famewhores. And it is possible that GOP voters can barely tell the difference anymore.