Friday, February 26, 2021

The 'C' Stands for COVID

 Last year, the CPAC conference was perhaps the first COVID-19 superspreader event in the United States... one of the attendees tested positive for the novel coronavirus, which led to a lockdown of the city of New Rochelle, NY, a city for which I have a deep, abiding love.  If not THE first superspreader event, it was an early superspreader event... and the movement conservatives that attend CPAC haven't learned a goddamn thing about COVID, or public health, or virology:

A year after kicking off a pandemic which has killed over a half-million Americans, these creeps are still bound and determined to spread the pathogen.  They decided early on that the wearing of masks, and the maintenance of social distancing, were culture war issues, but the only culture war is between viruses and individuals determined to play the role of Petri dishes.  

The Trump Maladministration utilized the pandemic to 'punish' communities which tend to vote Democratic, so their sycophants tend to downplay the seriousness of the plague.  It looks like this year's CPAC, like last year's, will be another superspreader event.  Hopefully, it will mark the last big superspreader event (though I doubt it)- it would be crazy if the pandemic were 'bookended' by two CPACs.  The real plague, though, is the ideology that the attendees promulgate, and there's no vaccine for that sort of pathology.

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