Thursday, February 4, 2021

President Biden Keeps Exceeding Expectations

The most welcome news of the day is the announcement that President Biden will cease American support for the Saudi war against Yemen. if not a genocide, it's something close, and the US arms sales to the Saudi regime were an atrocity. 

President Biden continues to exceed my expectations of him, I would have expected him to follow the post-9/11 model of centrist Democrats being afraid to seem 'weak on national security measures. He also upends that silly 'Donald the Dove, Hillary the Hawk narrative of a few years back. Trump actually ramped up drone strikes, but that is rarely discussed

The New York metro area is home to a sizeable Yemeni population, and many of our famous bodegas are owned by Yemeni-American families. The grocery store three blocks from my old apartment is owned by a Yemeni family. Four years ago, Yemeni bodega owners famously /a>closed their stores to protest Trump's travel ban, particularly cruel as Trump was enabling the Saudis to murder Yemenis. Biden has now reversed both the travel ban and the arming of the Saudis, signaling a more just, moral foreign policy. 

If he could only wind up the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, I'd be overjoyed.

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