Saturday, February 13, 2021

A Foregone Conclusion

I had no illusion that Trump would be convicted in his second impeachment trial, there simply not being enough senators willing to convict the guy. Sure enough, only seven Republicans crossed the aisle to vote 'guilty'. One of them was Mitt Romney, who very well could have been killed by the MAGA mob on 1/6. 

There was value in the impeachment, it made public the harrowing footage of unhinged Trump supporters and laid bare the cowardice, and in some cases complicity, of Republican elected officials. The evidence presented will make for good campaign fodder in 2022 and 2024. If this reeks of political opportunism, so be it- it's an opportunism much more ethical than mustering a mob to overturn an election.


StringOnAStick said...

I am disappointed but not surprised by the wailing online that the "Dems caved". They got what they could, showed what they could, knowing full well the R's would stick to their BS jurisdiction argument no matter what, witnessed would have just let them drag it out in the hopes one of our geriatric D Senators becomes incapacitated and thus they could cripple Biden's agenda. McConnell basically said tRump is guilty, he just wanted it off his plate and has now tossed this hot potato to the judicial system.

The R's want tRump gone, but they don't know how to get there from here without losing their offices and/or lives to the rabid base. So, they decided to make a weasel move (no surprise) and hope the courts get him off their backs. I see it as tRump continuing to grift his base and thus keep that money out of R hands, while his legal status gets weaker, as does his mental and physical health; I doubt he makes it to 2024. From now on the need about his corruption and actions continues to become public, making the R's look even more craven. Hang it around their necks in every campaign ad and press event; make them OWN it.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

McConnell's condemnation of Trump after his vote to acquit was particularly bizarre.

Ali Redford said...

I thought Rep. Ilhan (on Jonathan Capehart's show; I can't bring it up on YouTub yet) was eloquent in stating the logic behind the apparent "caving" of the Dems. It made good sense. Yes, it's disappointing to see that our side yet again got more votes but somehow didn't win, but I'm thinking big picture.

Richard said...

Yes. After he said all that, and confessed that he hates trumpism, he still was afraid to impeach?
I don't trust that guy.
They seem to like him in Kentucky. Maybe he should go back home. They like that marble mouth mush he serves.