Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Masque of the Orange Death

I ended my last post with a speculation about how Trump would fail to coordinate a proper COVID-19 response even if it hit close to home: I don't think he'd be able to coordinate a competent response even if there were an outbreak among Mar-a-Lago members.

Welp, now it seems that I wasn't too far off in that speculation:

A cadre of Trump inner circle jerks were at that circlejerk... as was Trump himself. I'd bet he's regretting pulling this creepy stunt:

I'm getting a strong Prospero (and not the one you think I'm thinking of) vibe from Trump... his CPAC 'party' during an outbreak of a novel disease has a The Masque of the Red Death vibe to me, with Trump's soon-to-end imprisonment of cruise ship passengers standing in for Prince Prospero's bolting of the iron gates of his fortress to keep the peasantry out.

While I was working in the wee hours, I read a tweet which exactly echoed my thought's about Trump's grotesque response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

In an own-goal, Trump forwarded a 'meme' containing a QAnon slogan, but the photoshop accompanying the slogan suggests that he is, Nero-like, fiddling while Rome, by which I mean America, burns:

This sort of 'self-pwnage is what occurs when you shut yourself in a bubble with your sycophants, unable to realize that your isolation won't save you, because the plague is already inside your gates.


Li'l Innocent said...

I will bet you any number of samoleons that he thinks he looks handsome in that image. That's why he retweeted it.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I've read some speculation about how he's dogwhistling a response to the true conspiracy theory-addled dead-enders who will support him even if he shoots a guy in the middle of 5th Avenue.

These are the same people who believe Hillary will step into the 2020 Presidential race, lose, and get sent to Gitmo for execution. I wish I were making this up.

RepubAnon said...

Yes, the idea that travel restrictions on foreigners only, while letting god ol' Americans in, had a strong Masque of the Red Death feel to it. The CPAC event felt like the big ball at the story's end, where they realized that they'd locked themselves in with what they feared.

Ed said...

Trump should join congress in banning viruses.

Unknown said...

Honestly you would think that even the most craven sycophants like Scavino would recognize a "Nero Fiddling While Rome Burns" vibe when they saw it...even if Orange Nero Caesar didn't...