Friday, September 17, 2021

Right-Wing Rally Reluctance? More Like a Change of Scope

I've been checking up periodically on the right-wing rally scheduled for tomorrow, ostensibly in support of the incarcerated 1/6 insurrectionists.  While there was some nervousness about the upcoming event, a lot of right-wingers are shunning it, claiming that it is a trap set by the Feds.  Noted right-wing extremism expert Jared Holt has an important article about the event, citing a general paranoia on the far-right of infiltration by 'glowies'.  On the imageboards favored by online righties, glowies (also known as glowf__s or glown_____s, I kid you not) and fedposters are a constant concern, members of three-letter agencies exhorting posters to violent acts that would get them arrested potentially lurk in front of every monitor.  Additionally, the organizer of the event is a minor Trumpworld coffee boy who is searching for his grift in the MAGA Universe.  He doesn't have the following of a Flynn or a Lin, and he really needs to get a day job... even worse for him, his former boss has come out and stated that the rally is a setup.

The real concern now is that media coverage of this probable-dud is distracting from more insidious antidemocratic efforts by right-wing activists, including rallies at state capitals and local school boards.  The Federal authorities will be prepared for any malfeasance in DC, but the authorities in Salem, OR or Loudoun County, VA probably won't be.

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This is a relief.