Thursday, September 23, 2021

In Contrast With Yesterday's Post

If yesterday's post was dripping with pathos, this post is pure Schadenfreude, involving a truly awful individual.  Florida congressional candidate and QAnon whacko KW Miller is hospitalized with the 'rona, and he's got things to say:

Predictably, his followers are just as crazy as he is, and seem bound and determined to get him killed: KW Miller gained national notoriety when he claimed that Beyoncé Knowles was secretly Italian, and that Patti LaBelle is a Satanist. His Twitter account was nuked, but I recall that he had long-running feuds with 'leftists' online. I don't wish death upon this idiot, even though he is a crazed lunatic who has spread conspiracy theories and disinformation, but I sure as hell won't weep at the prospect of his demise, or a painful existence with diminished lung capacity. He did provide entertainment for a while with his bizarre rants, but his entertainment value has long been outstripped by the danger he poses to our society.


Richard said...

There goes another bully.

I can't hardly even comment on this one
I don't even have the strength for schadenfreud

(hey thanks german languages!)

I am too worried about how we will get through the next days.
I think the crisis is still ahead of us.

So if this idiot dies, he asked for it. No sorrow or sympathy from my little clan.

I will not rejoice over his death. It is too insignificant.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

He's a whackjob. I won't mourn for him either.