Saturday, October 13, 2018

Respect for the Office

Despite the title, this is not a political post... it's literally about an office, specifically my office. I'm an indoor/outdoor cat, but I and the other guys in my department have a diminutive office at each of our worksites. It's the place where we have a lockbox for the company smartphone and a smattering of equipment, such as first aid supplies, spare keys, and a small toolkit. It also houses our department fridge, where we keep milk for our coffee and perishable lunch items.

This being our busy season, our office is also where our small army of contract parking valets keep their equipment: reflective vests, walkie-talkies, and traffic batons. This is okay, we work closely with them and they are a great bunch of people, mainly men and women in their twenties who never fail to impress me.

This, though, pissed me off:

Boxes of paper goods, meant for stocking the restrooms, which are swamped by the numerous visitors we get. I wouldn't mind so much, but they were blocking fridge access until I used my bulk to shift the stack enough to open the door a crack.

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