Saturday, October 20, 2018

Pho Pho Fun

This afternoon, I drove up to Danbury, CT to meet up with some of the Alicublog regulars for dinner at Pho Vietnam. The occasion for this meetup was a Connecticut visit by the lovely, gracious, and hilarious Jenn of Ark and her nephew, who had flown up to the state to purchase an automobile. Derelict, Gocart Mozart, mds, and I met Jenn and her nephew for bowls of pho and camaraderie.

It was fantastic to meet Jenn, for many years one of my favorite internet snark-slingers, and to touch base with Derelict, GCMZ, and mds, who I had met before. After dinner, we stepped outside to admire Jenn's new car, a sleek six-speed Ford. We speculated about the use of the sixth gear, and Jenn hit upon the use, confirmed with an internet search... it's a fuel-saving measure, allowing a lower rate of RPM on flat straightaways. The car looks like it will be fun to drive. It's a long way back to Arkansas, but it should be a sweet road trip.

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