Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It's Halloween!

As is typical, I am working on Halloween- this day I will be covering two of our sites, having started at 4PM. For some reason, perhaps the fact that the weather was gorgeous, nobody wanted to leave. We even had one lady drive in through our exit gate five minutes before closing time, 5PM, looking to 'look around'. She was a nice lady, but she really needed to leave and come back another day. It was funny, though, as I was hinting to her that she needed to go, she'd pick up on a thread of our conversation and try to spin our conversation out a little longer, all the while telling me she needed to be back in Manhattan by six-thirty. She was a good conversationalist, being well-versed in literature, but her timing was pretty bad. I suggested that she return over the weekend and visit the site when we are actually open.

I will be leaving the first site soon, and traveling to another site to close things up after the last night of our Fall fundraiser. It being Halloween night, things won't be too hectic- most of the die-hard Halloween fans will be in Manhattan for the big parade, or attending house parties.

At any rate, how about some endearingly awful 'outsider art'? The Shaggs were three teenage sisters whose father, prompted by a 'prediction' by a palm reader that his daughters would form a popular musical group, browbeat them into forming a band, despite their lack of musical talent. While not achieving commercial success in their first attempt at forming a band, they did gain a certain cult status later on. Here's the seasonally appropriate It's Halloween:

It's also pretty bad... but fascinating nonetheless. Happy Halloween, all!


Unknown said...

Sweet Mother of Abraham Lincoln! That Shaggs song is hilarious. Fabulous find, BBBB! Ha!
Here is a song that I have been constantly listening to for the last couple of years and I think you will quite enjoy:

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The Shaggs are awesome- there's an earnestness, an honesty to them that outweighs the fact that they are terrible.