Sunday, October 28, 2018

Every Little Thing He Does Is MAGA, Ick!

After a terrible week ending on a truly horrific note, I think I need a little mood lightener... Via Tengrain, we have the minor kerfuffle of Trump dropping his umbrella while boarding Air Force One, and leaving it on the stairway. While most of us 'normies' would interpret this as laziness on Dotard's part, I am sure that the QAnon crowd is going to interpret it as a portent. Hell, these people interpret misspellings in Trump's tweets as coded messages (the links to the QAnon subreddit are gone, as the subreddit was nuked).

Trump dropping an umbrella might be interpreted as meaning there's no shelter from 'the coming storm', the central trope of QAnon. Occam's Razor, the proposition that the least speculative explanation to a phenomenon should be considered the correct one, is a cornerstone of mainstream perception of the universe, but the QAnon crowd always goes for the most convoluted explanation... call it Jone's Gluegun, or something.

Laziness or a coded message to the faithful on the eve of the midterms?

Post title taken from this classic by that Stang feller and they boys:

It's a big enough umbrella, but it's always me that ends up getting indicted for a vague international conspiracy.


Bea said...

-watched the clip of him just discarding the umbrella at the door. What an inelegant clod.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

My favorite bit is the lackey walking right past the damn thing. None of them care!

Bruce.desertrat said...

It is a quintessentially nouveau riche/privileged asshole/trumpian thing to do. "I don't need this any more" and drops it without a single thought of what will happen next. After all, every other time he's just discarded something it's magically taken care of.

Ed said...

How many drone bombs did Obama drop?

Unknown said...

He is so used to people cleaning up his messes: his Daddy, Cohen, the next President.