Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bizarre Day, Bomb Day

What a day for nutty news- a rash of attempted bombings targeting various bêtes noires of the Right, and specifically of the White House Occupant. Strangely, most of these bomb scares happened in my backyard- the Soros and Clinton residences are up the road from my beloved Yonkers, and the CNN NYC headquarters is in Columbus Circle, an area I am intimately familiar with (my typical Saturday morning subway stop had to be evacuated during the CNN bomb crisis). I spent much of the day glued to the radio before I had to head off to work.

With no real information available, all sorts of rumors are flying- the righties are claiming 'false flage' attacks (though wags have been claiming that, if that were true, the names and addresses would have been spelled correctly), and the left-of-center Twitterati have coined the hashtag MAGAbomber, which became the number one trending topic on the platform. I would say that it's premature to assign blame, or a motive, but Trump has incited violence against political opponents and the media. It's not that far a stretch to make the assertion that at least someone in Trump's audience would make the leap from 'lock her up' to 'blow her up'.

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