Saturday, November 4, 2017

What if They Scheduled an Insurrection and Nobody Came?

It's been weird reading up on the rightie conspiracy theory that there would be an 'Antifa Revolution' today, largely promulgated by Youtube lunatics. The craziest of the lunatics are convinced that 'Antifa' will cripple the United States with an Electromagnetic Pulse... a particularly popular topic among conspiracy loons.

Predictably, 'news' of an upcoming insurgency against Vulgarmort brought out the bloodlust among the Chairborne Rangers, as J.J. McNabb chronicles. These people really love their violent fantasies of the streets running red with blood, their hate-boner dreams of living out a Sylvester Stallone movie. I guess if the only tool you have is a gun, every problem looks like a target, though the vast majority of these people are all bark, no fight.

The response among the snarky left-of-center crowd has been hilarious, with plans for a post-revolution regime being bandied about. My wish is that Tweety Amin gets exiled to Saudi Arabia so he can spend more time with his orb.

In reality, the Right will spin this fake insurgency as a victory, a hard-fought skirmish won by internet tough guy talk rather than a trumped-up hoax that they all fell for.


mikey said...

I totally missed the part where Antifa has nuclear weapons. You'd think that would worry them at least as much as Kim Jong-un.

The larger picture is as you describe it. They all shout for blood, talk about the tree of freedom, march around KMart in their camo gear with their rifles, and promise to purge this great land of the socialist libtards.

But here's the thing. Those rifles, those camos, those pickup trucks? Those are pricey. These guys have jobs, and families, they like to drink beer and watch football and barbeque on Sundays. Occasionally there's even sex.

They're not going to do anything to get themselves killed or arrested. That would really suck! One of the things you learn when you study revolutions and insurgencies is that comfortable people - particularly comfortable people who are on the right side of the power structure and are not in any way oppressed - do not EVER participate in revolutions.

Way too much to lose, nothing to be gained...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

In the wake of the Iraq invasion, I cynically suggested that the solution to the insurgency was providing free cable TV to the Iraqis while pumping HFCS into the water supply.