Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Today being election day, I had to report to work by 5AM in order to prepare my workplace, a polling site, for the 5:30 influx of poll workers and the 6AM influx of voters. It's a long day, but I know the poll workers (a nice bunch of people) and many of the voters. After work, I have to rush home to Yonkers to vote.

The big issue here in New York State is a plebescite on whether or not to have a constitutional convention. I am definitely voting NO on this one, because there is too much dark money involved in politics, and too much manipulation of political processes by hostile foreign powers. New York is a bastion of liberal, progressive values, it's too damn risky to give weirdo right-wing creeps like the Mercer family a shot at undoing a century and a half of progress in this, one of the most liveable, liberal states in the Union.

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mikey said...

Wholeheartedly agree.

Anything we on the left could do to improve and modernize the US constitution would be more than offset by the changes demanded by the right. We'd end up with some kind of weird heavily armed authoritarian state with fewer guarantees of personal liberty.

It's a can of worms we open at our peril...