Monday, November 27, 2017

Can't Even Snark About This

Via Tengrain, we have this Ed Krassenstein Twitter feed about the multi-year campaign by Russian propagandists to get Trump elected President of the United States. If even a quarter of this is true, it's a terrifying glimpse at a major Russian victory in a re-ignited Cold War.

It's odd, though, to think that the country has been hijacked. I worked a double overnight shift, and even though I should be in freakout mode, my quotidian existence is really quite lovely. At dawn, I walked the site, and the autumn leaves were glorious and a small flock of wild turkeys were trooping along. I briefly played cat-and-mouse with them, to their dismay and my amusement. The world is going to hell, but MY world isn't really reflecting it... at least not yet.


mikey said...

Intel operators gonna operate.

My concern isn't the Russians - not directly. They're like the scorpion on the back of the frog, doing only what it is in their nature to do. Along with every other nation, our intel operators do similar stuff.

My concern is that because it's in Trump's interest to deny it happened at all, despite the fact it OBVIOUSLY did and come on, what do you think these agencies actually DO if not this sort of disruption/propaganda effort, nobody in the US federal government is developing strategies to counter this same kind of operation in the next election.

Which is only 12 months away...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

My real concern is how easy this all was. The Russian operatives merely amplified the animosities which Americans had to begin with.