Thursday, November 9, 2017

There's a Reason He Wants Ten Commandments Monuments

Scratch a fundamentalist, find a pervert- it seems that religious right hero Roy Moore has a history of molesting or attempting to molest underage girls. I guess there's nothing in the Ten Commandments specifically against diddling 14 year-olds, which is one reason we don't base our legal system on them, despite the efforts of craw-thumpers like Moore.

Predictably, the religious right doesn't give a hoot about Moore's depredations, even using scripture to justify them in some cases.

For a bunch of people who are obsessed with fake conspiracy theories involving pedophilia, these people sure do seem to tolerate the real thing.


mikey said...


C'mon, we don't have to grasp so desperately for something to be outraged about.

Roy Moore grew up in Gadsen Alabama in a working class family in the fifties and sixties. What he did wasn't pedophilia by any rational (or fair) standard. Men in the deep south - particularly christianist men - routinely banged girls as young as 12. This was a standard part of the culture, and not something anybody was ashamed of.

On the other hand, has a grownup and a Judge, he has been removed from office for refusing to uphold the law, he has said LGBT people should be executed and he proposed a religious test for national political office, claiming Muslims shouldn't be able to take the oath of office.

Now, if you want to ignore all that and shriek about fifty year old outdated mores and morals of deep south US christianity, fine. But I don't want to look like the tea party assholes that shrieked about every single thing Obama did every single day.

I'm MUCH more outraged about a fucking JUDGE who doesn't believe in the rule of law or the authority of the supreme court...

Li'l Innocent said...

I'd like to ask Mikey who this "anybody" was who thought banging at age 12 was nothing to be ashamed of.

mikey said...

Do you really think that Alabama in 1969 is just like California today?

Are you being willfully obtuse, or is there some part of different mores in different cultures over history that you struggle with.

Let me help you out here. We KNOW this kind of behavior is wrong today, and it is not condoned, and it is to be punished.

But you HAVE to be able to understand that wasn't the case in Gadsen Alabama in 1969.

May, I gotta say, some of my fellow lefties have really embraced tea party tactics like pretending to not understand simple historical observations.

Nice work - your mom must be very proud...

mikey said...

Let's try it a different way.

Forget christianist Alabama fifty years ago.

How about Mormons - do they think there's anything wrong with it?

Muslims - they quite often marry girls younger than 12. Are they 'ashamed of their pedophilia'?

Of course not - it is accepted as normal in their culture. If you lack the ability to understand extant cultural norms and taboos, and think everything must be viewed through YOUR personal lived experience, you are effectively unable to make use of historical information.

Just to be clear, I'm not defending it. I'm saying that he did what everybody in his community did in 1969. He's done a lot of really evil stuff that we actually can be outraged about...