Friday, October 17, 2014

Remembered Another Detail From Tuesday's Lecture

How the hell could I have omitted this detail from last Tuesday's lecture? In one aside, Dr Mark Siddall exhorted the audience to eat invasive species, just like the Eat the Invaders crew. I do my part, chomping down on the really aggressive Japanese knotweed. Dr Siddall singled out the invasive lionfish and the Asian silver carp which is taking over waterways in the Heartland:

In a bit about eating lampreys (the key is moderation), he mentioned that he had eaten lamprey in, if I recall correctly, Norway, and he exhorted us to depopulate the lamprey population of the Great Lakes, which is injurious of fisheries.

Now, you know what to do... eat the invaders! The only problem is if people like them too much and want to keep them around.