Sunday, October 12, 2014

Natural Redhead

Last week, I had to fill out a form to make an appointment for an identification card. On the form, I had to include a capsule description of myself, picking most of the terms out of a multiple choice list. One of the descriptors for complexion, the one that I picked was "ruddy". At this time of year, exposure to sun and wind and the nascent cool weather conditions has rendered my big old cabezón a nice, subdued red. Back when I was a cubicle jockey, I used to joke with a co-worker who dyed her dark brown locks, "I'm a natural redhead, you're a bottle redhead."

I don't typically do product endorsements, but my outdoor habits have led me to swear by Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Lotion. I regularly slather a copious amount all over my head before I head off to the job. If I didn't perform this task every day, I'd be literally flaky as well as figuratively flaky.


M. Bouffant said...

Semi-relevant: I shaved my head in 1968 (Last time the parental units made me get a haircut, ha ha!) & when the hair grew back I was dandruff free.

Hats not part of BBBB fashion?

mikey said...

Even less relevant. In the late sixties, whence mikey was 'coming of age', one of the overarching issues was one of hair. If you grew your hair long, older men would call you a girl and shout at you randomly on the street to GET A HAIRCUT. Since hair was so important to the establishment, it became important to the young rebels. To many of us, it was the first political fight of our lives, and cutting hair meant backing down and selling out. For me it was my first non-negotiable.

Once you commit to a fight like that, it sort of becomes part of you. I've had shorter hair - particularly in the 80s when I was working hard to not look like an outlaw and in the 90s when I discovered that if you played the game in Silicon Valley they'd throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at you.

But then I got laid off, and one bright summer day the towers came down and I quickly realized we were in another fight for the future, and I haven't gotten a haircut since 2004. My long grey pony tail is my credibility, my purple heart and my promise to never quit fighting...

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Every time I've been laid off, I've had short hair.