Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Chocolate War

I hope those of you who celebrated Easter today have gotten over your sugar hangover, because battle has been joined. There is now an, admittedly half-hearted/half-assed, War on Easter, declared by Fox News.

The "war" stems from a display erected in Daley Plaza by The Freedom from Religion Foundation, extolling **GASP** reason and the separation of church and state. Even worse, this "War on Easter" is **HORRORS!** unholy. What kind of unholy monsters would advocate for reason and the separation of church and state? What sort of monsters, indeed?

Those who would undermine the separation of church and state make the dubious assumption that their particular brand of church would be the established one. The Founders, with the horrors of the Thirty Years' War still scarring the European psyche, well knew the tyranny of established religion.

As an aside, I have to laugh at the use of the word "unholy"... almost everything on the planet is "unholy". For example, with one notable exception, hand grenades are unholy.

I think the real issue is that, for most people, the Easter eggs and bunnies, and the baskets full of candy have supplanted the religious festival to a large extent. The fundies have lost The Chocolate War so now they're throwing a temper tantrum:

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mikey said...

Meh. Easter bunnies or Passover Seder, it's all just Spring. Warm weather, plentiful game, planting, hunting, dancing, screwing...

Humans have the ability to think and remember and reason, and for hundreds of thousands of years the turning of winter to spring has been a cause for celebration, the realization that the tribe (most of them, anyway) had survived another miserable winter, and that there would be a chance to fatten up and make more tribespeople...