Thursday, August 12, 2021

Sioux Falls Blue Balls

I have to confess that I have been watching Mike Lindell's three-day shitshow in South Dakota, that rapidly crashing-and-burning 'cyber symposium', which has been a farrago of incompetence and nincompoopery. There's a certain surreal quality to an event which is simultaneously a threat to democracy and a comedy of errors. I've noted before that Marx once noted that historic facts appear twice, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce, but I'd posit that they repeat themselves a third time, as tragedy-cum-farce. The 'Cyber Symposium' has been one of these tragic farces, or farcical tragedies. The three-day symposium basically died last night when Lindell's prime 'cyber guy' admitted that the main evidence of Chinese tampering hinted at by the Pillow Guy was bogus: If you can't trust a guy named 'Spider', who can you trust? Things went further awry when a judged ruled that Dominion could proceed with defamation lawsuits against Lindell, and Trump's incompetent lawyers: The final day of the symposium, the day after Lindell was twice defeated, opened on a bizarre note, with Lindell claiming that he was attacked at his hotel (no details forthcoming): He also claimed that 'Antifa' was trying to infiltrate his circus: So far, my favorite claim by the Pillow Guy is a hilarious description of Dominion's equipment: "Serbian Technology with Chinese Characteristics" is Pure Comedy Gold. Late in the game, Lindell is trying to move the goalposts, having failed to deliver the goods: The best quote from this three day, three-ring circus came last night, from one of Lindell's minions- again, this is Pure Comedy Gold: Meanwhile, in the fever swamps of MAGAland, the natives are upset that the months of hype and false promises have left them unfulfilled:

The My Pillow Guy, with his promises of 'BOOMS' and the Restoration of Trump, was leading them on, just as 'Q' has kept them 'edging' for almost four years. Lindell didn't deliver a climax with his symposium, he just gave the MAGAs a case of Sioux Falls blue balls.  

ADDENDUM: How could I have omitted the 'Chinese Thing' bit?


Richard said...

It is always a good idea to see what they are up to.
Maybe in a fog of lies and delusions they will sneak in a secret weapon.
It is useful to know what they are doing.
So they don't catch us by surprise.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Oh hell yeah, they really need to be monitored, like the criminals they are.

Ten Bears said...

Note the chyron in the Rupar twit: discounts "up to 66%."

My experience has been it only repeats to those paying attention.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

One joke I saw claimed he wanted to give an 88% discount, but would have lost money.