Saturday, August 21, 2021

Bad Day for Righties

I've been on a Schadenfreude high since yesterday, because it was a very bad day for right-wing lunatics.  First up, we have the exposure of GhostEzra, a notorious troll who posed as a successor to 'Q', and used the messaging platform Telegram to promulgate some of the most heinous antisemitic material to MAGA dead-enders:

The article by the Logically team is a masterpiece of investigative work, involving the examination of unique photo uploads to pinpoint the asshole's location, and the use of image enhancers to match uploaded pictures to his social media. The cherry on top of this particular sundae is that the investigative team was able to narrow down the possible suspects due to a one-star review of a synagogue on Yelp:

Who even reviews houses of worship on Yelp? I mean, I could see a bubbeh leaving a one-star review if she felt her granddaughter's bat mitzvah were rushed, but even that is a longshot. This guy was so antisemitic, he even had to troll a Jewish organization using a semi-anonymous social media account.

Even more significantly is the announcement that Alex Jones protégé Owen Shroyer will be arrested for being in a restricted area on 1/6:

Shroyer also violated terms of a deferred prosecution deal by being on Capitol grounds, and he failed to perform community service imposed upon him as terms of his original charge of disrupting a government proceeding. 

Shroyer is a dimbulb whose main claim to 'fame' is being Alex Jone's street-theater 'operative', which basically meant he would ride around in an armored truck performing stupid MAGA tricks:

Like most performative tough guys (unlike myself, who is a tough guy pretending to be a performative tough guy to make fun of performative tough guys), Shroyer was pretty upset at the prospect of being held accountable for his actions. 

All told, yesterday was a great day, a banner day for those of us who like to see racist assholes get their comeuppance.


Anathema Device said...

And today Mango Mussolini was booed in Alabama at one of his ridiculous ego-stroking rallies - for suggesting his followers should get vaccinated.

Gone are those halcyon days when he could suggest drinking blean one day, and the next day emergency departments were inundated with patients who were white inside and out as a result.

Frankenstein has lost control of his monster, and hopefully it will destroy him sooner rather than later.

Ten Bears said...

That's not a truck. It's a Jeep pretending to be a truck.

Al said...

That’s not a truck or a jeep. It’s a 4000lb weapon. Every car is a potential weapon, every motorist a very short fuse.