Friday, August 20, 2021

Motivation Is Not Yet Publicly Known, My Ass!

 Via , we have representative Mo Brooks' statement on the MAGA-obsessed wannabe truck bomber in DC:

Brooks is totally delusional, the perp streamed his entire escapade, and made it clear that he was engaged in an anti-Biden jihad, expressed in sub-literate MAGA fashion:

“It’s almost time…take a extra pair of civilians clothes for our heroes… who can carry arms in… BIDEN YOUR FIRED…NO ISN’T A OPTION…FLEE OUR LAND.”

I'd bet actual folding money that he's an 'English Only' advocate.

Brooks' feigned innocence is infuriated, especially combined with his sympathy for this MAGA terrorist. Brooks delivered an incendiary speech on 1/6, before the storming of the Capitol, the sort of stochastic terrorism, central to the MAGA movement, meant to stir up deranged individuals like the asshole who forced much of DC into lockdown.  Brooks needs to be censured, and preferably removed from office, for his irresponsible words and actions.  Let him share a cell with his acolyte, force him to live with the sort of death cultist he has wound up.


Richard said...

Those people are so scary.
I didn't want to talk about them.
With us, we always go to the campgrounds. We bring our scholars and all of our boys and girls.
I don't belong to a cheese making culture, so we have to trade.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I think we have to talk about them, they are not going away.

Richard said...

Bummer. I don't care what they do, but yes they are here.
I have a perverted fantasy about kidnapping a Kardashian. Do not worry! It is a fantasy!
What could i ever do with such a person? Maybe she could introduce me to Kanye, so i could have the whole experience?

Cthulhu said...

We have to do more than just talk about them. We have to DO something about them.
But given that Garland and his DoJ have shown hundreds of times in hundreds of cases so far from the 1/6 attempted coup, They have NO desire to prosecute these seditionists they way they need to be. Hell, they haven't charged a single one of them WITH sedition, despite ample evidence of it. And not one elected co-conspirators (Looking at you, Boebert, Greene, Hawley, and yes Brooks) are facing having their collars felt.

These people WILL be back in 22 and 24, and they'll be back this time with their assault weapons, because we didn't have the courage to punish their treason.

Anonymous said...

Same old same old.
When a nutcase flew his light plane (Cessna?) into a federal building housing the IRS in the Clinton years ( yeah nobody ever tought of that before 9/11 Right) I remember a Thuglican Senator standing in the Senate and expressing sympathy and understanding for the whack job because the "gestapo" IRS just wanted the nutcase to pay his taxes.
So no surprise here.