Sunday, August 15, 2021

In Your Face, Rochester!!!

The big hyperlocal story today is the City of Yonkers overtaking Rochester, to become New York State's third largest city.  The margin is razor-thin, with Yonkers' population exceeding that of Rochester by 241 people.  

I love my City of Y______, with its population of 211,569, it would be a major city anywhere else, but it abuts NYC to the south, so it's relegated to 'suburb' status, though it is also one of the many burghs which lays claim to 'sixth borough' status.  Still, our city lays claim to amazing parks, a nice museum with a planetarium, and a nature preserve.  It's a city of neighborhoods, with wealthy areas characterized by single-family homes, heavily urbanized areas with big apartment buildings, and working-to-middle class neighborhoods like my own with a mix of the two.  The downtown is full of mom-and-pop stores, hole-in-the-wall eateries, and a scenic, newly 'daylighted' river walk. It's a diverse city, with almost a third of residents being immigrants.  

 Not everybody has a love for Yonkers that I do:


But some people get it:


Personally,I'm bonkers for Yonkers, and I'm glad that the city is moving onward and upward... that's the New York way.

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